imageThere is a scripture in the book of Colossians 2:8 that is creating a lot of buzz in Christendom. It challenges you to make sure you are viewing your life through the right lens, (philosophy).  It is forewarning you to not let anybody rob you of what you have been given since you received Christ as your personal Savior.  You have been given all Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly places and the enemy wants to rob you of that. Therefore, you need to: Beware lest man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the traditions of men, after the rudiments of this world, and not after Christ, Col. 2:8.

If you are still following the traditions of men, you are being deceived by men. When you follow after Christ, you will view life through the right lens and your philosophy will be connected to Christ.  Let me remind you that Christ in you is your hope of glory, Col. 1:27 states.

Blessings are yours!

Jesus Is Praying For You

imageLike most people, you are probably aware that daily prayer is an essential part of your life.  Like most people you probably engage in daily prayer of some sorts.  Yet, unlike most people, do you know that Jesus the Christ is always praying for you…daily.

When my pastor brought this revelation to my attention, glaring rockets and bursting bombs began to explode in my head! JESUS is praying for me!  When you don’t know how to pray or what to pray for-JESUS knows! He is making intercessions for you! His prayers are daily covering you and protecting you from hurt and unseen dangers that you don’t have a clue about.

Once, Satan desired to sift Peter like wheat, an inner circle disciple of Jesus. Jesus forewarned Peter of what was about to happen. But Jesus had already prayed for him.

Since we are not exempt from satan’s tactics, Jesus intercedes for us in prayer.  How amazing is that!!




Endless Possibilities in 2015

image Great expectations for 2015, catapults you off to a good start. There is a story on FB that drives this point home for me: A soldier serving in the army is often being humiliated by his sargeant because he professes to serving a living God.

On this particular day the sargeant is fed up with the soldier’s ranting about his God; he decides to make a public spectacle of him before all the other troops. He orders the soldier to go park an old army jeep in front that is totally out of commission. The soldier reluctantly admits that he can’t drive.  The sargeant brazenly insist that he call on his God for help.

Following his commander’s order, he attempts to park the jeep in front. But first, he prays! Suddenly! Something miraculous occurs within him that empowers him with driving skills to park the jeep in the exact location the sargeant has ordered.  He walks back over and fall in line with his troops and they are all standing there crying.  They all profess simultaneously that they believe in GOD!  The jeep that the soldier was ordered to park did not have a motor in it!

…with man things are impossible; with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!  This is your year of possibilities!

source: Facebook .



Dying Empty

image   These words in the Bible are the writings of Apostle Paul: ” I am already been poured out as a drink offering and the time of my departure is at hand… ”  I am sure many have read this passage with good intentions of activating these words in their lives.

Consequently, it isn’t happening. Yet, I just recently observed it being demonstrated in the life and legacy of the late Dr. Miles Monroe. He was ready for death because he knew he had poured himself out and finished his course. He emptied himself completely. His dying is exemplary of an emptiness that represents a fullness of purpose that has been fulfilled by God.

Unlike many, the word “empty” is a true connotation of people who are doing nothing with their lives.  Many are just contributing to the wealth of the graveyard. Way too many gifts and talents that are given to them by God is being buried in the earth.  Now I know why Jesus was angry with the servant who hid his one talent. He did not attempt to do anything with what was given to him.

Dr. Miles Monroe admonishes us to refuse to allow the grave to rob us.  He wants us to pour ourselves out. He wants us to defy the odds and make a difference in our generation so that we to can die empty.

I am up for the challenge! I am planning to die empty! What about you!


Theres Power in your “I AM”

image        We know there is power in the “I Am, or otherwise God would not have told Moses to tell the people to call him that.  After all, there were so many other names they could have used.  There are at least a dozen Jehovah names, for ex: Nissi, Jireh, Shalom, and a host of many others. Regardless of what they called God they were dealing with the power of the “I Am,”  because anything that you can request of Him, He said “I Am That….

Now we see Jesus, who is getting reading to go to the cross demonstrates the power of his “I Am” in a more physical way. It appears that Jesus is seemingly having some second thoughts about the task that is set before Him and really don”t want to die on the cross.  Yet once He surrenders h Continue reading

Someone asked- “How Do You View Jesus?”

Just recently, someone stuck a postcard in the front door of my home. It was an invitation to attend a commemoration of Jesus program entitled:  “How Do You View Jesus?” I knew immediately that I would not be attending the services.  However, the theme for the program is a thought worth entertaining. Continue reading