My Life Is A Repeat of His Life

His -Story is my story too!  Who’s story?  The story of Jesus Christ, of course! How can I boast that his life is even remotely close to mine?  Did I die on an “Old Rugged Cross?” Was I beaten all night long? Did people spat on me? (more than you know). Did I go into the earth and defeat satan? Was I resurrected on the third day? Am I seated at the right hand with my Father? Must I say anymore?

There are several answers to all of those questions: YES! YES! YES! YES! AND AMEN!  Yes, I am boasting about who I am in Christ Jesus!  Everything He did was all for me and you too if you are willing to accept it. Since I was predestined and God foreknew me in an incarnate form, I was present with Jesus through it all.  Those were not His sins that He died for.  They were mine and your sins.  He became a cursed so that I would never be cursed again. It is because of Jesus Christ cross experience and resurrection…that “I Am Forgiven!” Because he is alive, I Live! I live! I live!

I have to know this! I must live this! I must become this!  Ultimately, I  AM This!  Glory be to God in the Highest!!   Amen!!

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