It’s a Thin Line Between Love and Fear

It was in the early “70’s” when a R and B song with the lyrics,” It’s A Thin Line between Love and Hate” soared on the record charts.   A movie with the same title ensued some years later.   The storyline was that of a young woman and her abusive lover. She loved him but she hated the destruction he planted in her life. She plotted to kill him in the movie.

Still in the genesis of my spiritual journey, I thought those lyrics were actual scriptural text and there is some implied truth in them. Remember Jacob and Esau?  As I matured in my spiritual walk I began to learn how to study the Bible for myself. I became less prone to believe everything I hear and began searching out the matter to discover the truth.  I began to learn the difference between a popular cliché’ and what the Bible actually says.

Like most things in life there are polar opposites: day-night, light-dark, good-bad, God-mammon (not the devil), and love-fear (not hate).  Okay, I guess I should explain the God-mammon phenomenon huh!.

There are plenty scriptures that contrast Satan and his demonic forces in the same context as God but not as a comparison to God.  Mammon is literally compared to God. It is defined as: other treasures and riches which we often equate to money, but other treasures and riches can mean many things.  Consequently, mammon and money are similar in that they are idolized as gods. The  Scriptures says: “Thou shall have no other gods before me” (Ex: 20:3 NKJV).  Jesus did away with all the laws and the legalism and He did not mince words when he said we are to ” love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul”… and we are to love our neighbors just as we love ourselves (Mark 12:30-31).  Now the scriptures do refer to mammon in this way: “No one can serve two masters“…”You cannot serve God and mammon” (Matt. 6:24 KJV).  God is Master of all while mammon is a master of that which you idolize.

Now let’s move on to love and fear. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”  (2 Tim. 1:7).  When exercising the keys of binding and loosing in the kingdom of God, we bind the spirit of fear that holds a person in bondage. Then we loose the fruit of love into that person’s life. The end-result is: they get set free.  Meanwhile, hatred is a real and strong emotion and is compared to love in some instants. But it is a by-product of the spirit of jealousy. Love and Fear are two equally powerful emotions. Without careful supervision they run rampant in your lives. Fear can have a paralyzing effect upon you as Love is lucid and evokes freedom.

In another sense, fear is a pre-requisite to acquire wisdom (Prov. 9:10 KJV). We are taught to fear the Lord and revere Him. Love on the other hand cover a multitude of sins (1Pet. 4:8)and perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18).

So, somewhat like the song and the movie… maybe it is a thin line between Love and Hate.  But all the more powerful is LOVE  and FEAR, it depends on how you use them.


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