“A 100 Lbs. of Clay”-Aye!!

Now, I know why some of us women have such an obsession about our weight. I came across the lyrics of a song that insinuated it took only “a 100 lbs of clay” for God to create a woman.  A statement like that catapulted me into defense mode really quickly..so I had to “get a grip”! Consequently, I was able to see the intended revelation and at the same time, gain the motivation to drop a few lbs. 

First of all, let’s consider that Eve never had a childhood and was fashioned into the” fullness of time.” That’s why she was a fully grown Woman; which signifies her purpose in Godly matters.  She and Adam were placated on earth fulfilled in every way that God intended for humanity. Their intended purposes were to subdue and replenish the earth. They were made from dust but were heavenly discerning…they knew no sorrow, no pain, and no sin. Eventually, they would have settled into their life together, they would  begun having children and… In-laws.  And they would have been perfect!! Say WHAT!!!  I can imagine that the Garden of Eden was a huge household to manage.  The farming chores must have been an immensely huge task. Yet, there were no grumbling or complaining reported. There were no cheating, lying or blaming until YOU-KNOW-WHO showed up (the serpent) and the rest is history.

Well,  secondly, Jesus, came in the fullness of time as well.  We by the aid of the Holy Spirit did too because we know all things by the Spirit. We were known by God before the foundation of the earth but I just arrived here in the mid-1900s.

However, Jesus’s purpose was vastly different from the Adams family. It took more than two thousand years for Jesus to get here and He did suffer pain and sorrow and eventually sin to compensate for everything that you and I would endure. Ladies, that include our weight challenge and hot flashes.

I would say that Eve did set the precedent for the woman-to be beautiful and lovely, a 100 lbs, “coke bottle figures” and even deceived at times. Yet Jesus Christ is the greatest example for us. He provided a way for us to have virtue, godliness, holiness, and righteousness as well as beauty and a healthy self-esteem.

So finally women, if you are batting more than a 100 lbs. weight challenge and I know most of you are, (trust me I KNOW). Do not be dismayed! Seek God’s Grace and do what you can, the best you can. He will help you to consider your bodies, your mind and your spirits precious in His sight. Let the Mind of Christ be in you and do not think it is robbery to be like Him. Think of it as a Spiritual and Holy thing.

Now that motivates me to look my best for Him and to drop those extra unwanted lbs. Of course, my goal is not a hundred pounds again, that is unrealistic for me. To take care of my mind and body is not. That is Very Real.

What about you? Let me know what’s on your mind.


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