Jesus Christ was Cool With People

Jesus was a very approachable person.  He had many different types of relationships.  He had 12 disciples whom He spent most of his time with. Peter, James, and John were in his inner circle. There were the seventy and then there was another class…  He had a relationship with those who were for him and not against Him image

Christ had compassion and love for the oppressed, broken-hearted and dejected ones..  He was friends with sinners. Those who were deaf, blind, dumb, lame, diseased and broke elicited his attention  and received his affection. The prostitute, the tax collector and all whom society marginalized became the ministry of Christ.  In fact, Jesus mantra was : “those who are well don’t need a doctor;  I came to heal all that are sick, regardless of their condition or position.

In Matthew 11:19 , it states that…”the son of man came eating and drinking.”  He was called a glutton, a winebibbler, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.  “But Wisdom is justified by her actions.  In other words, what he did, spoke for itself and it yielded results.  People were better because they had been with Jesus.

Jesus had rich friends too.  Remember Nicodemus who came by night to see  Jesus?  It was he and his rich friend Joseph Arithmaes who made Jesus funeral arrangements.  Remember the friend who sent a brand new donkey that had never been ridden upon to Jesus by his disciples.  Basically, he was cool with all types of people.  How can this be! When you are confident in who you are in Christ , you will refuse to be intimidated by people.

I thank God for Christ in me is my hope of Glory, ( Colossian 1:27). As Christ lives in me and is manifested through me, I too can be all things to all people in the sense that Jesus Christ was to all humanity.


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