An Audience of One


English: Radio personality Angela Yee

English: Radio personality Angela Yee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever  left church or some other spiritual function feeling like your expressions of worship may have been a little over the top?  You even felt like it was one of those times when naysayers mumble, “It doesn’t take all that!”  It was during praise and worship service a couple of Sundays ago that I broke all  barriers of inhibition. I love the Lord and to worship Him publicly is far from being an isolated incident for me.  So what was different?

When I was a Mass Com student in college there were many skill sets to learn. One such skill was how to engage your audience; especially if you were a radio personality, (DJ).  When speaking over the airways we were taught to address an audience of one.  It was a connect factor that was alluring to your audience. This later became a skill that I learn to use in many facets of communication. Definitely that Sunday during the praise and worship service.

Now that I reflect back,  I did everything except  undress and dance naked before God. You know there was no shame in David nor Isaiah game. They didn’t mind getting naked before the Lord.  It was as though God was the only person in the audience and my very own personal cheerleader…and oh how I wanted to please The Father.  That’s really how it should be everytime you enter the presence of the Lord. After all, you are the CHURCH!  Everything that it takes to usher in the presence of God  should be in you.  You don’t have to wait on others.  If they have any fire at all…they will catch on!   If they too are already lit… Oh what a time you will have with the Lord.  It is during that time in the presence and the glory of the Lord when circumstances begin to change in our lives once we make our requests and petitions known to him. Just like Daniel, it may take a few weeks and sometimes longer before you see the results but rest assured that the answer to your prayers are on the way. That’s what I am beginning to see happening in my life.

Whether you are in a public or private environment-think of God as an audeince of One. He will respond as though you are His audience of one… the Only one.


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