Spiritual Blindness

Blind Bartimaeus was physically blind.  I am sure he prayed a many of prayers to God hoping one day that he would see. There were many who suffered physically in those days and equally as many were suffering from “Spiritual Blindness”. Well, Bartimaeus prayers were about to be answered. Meanwhile, Jesus is going to be crucified in a few days. Yet, he takes this opportunity to inform his disciples for the 3rd time about the horrible death he would die and the importance of serving. You would think that the disciples would show some compassion for Jesus during this time of crisis.

Consequently, the disciples saw this as their chance for Jesus to fulfill a final request for them! For him to serve them!  In fact James and John want him to let them sit on the right and left side of him in Glory.  This makes the other ten angry!  Jesus and his disciples are now passing thru Jericho and blind Bartimaeus hears about it. He begins to yell- ” Son of David have mercy on me“!  They tells him to shut up! How insensitive can anyone be.  Spiritual blindness will cause you to act selfless. Spiritual Blindness will make you avert your eyes to the pain of others.  Jesus heals him and makes him whole!

The moral of the story is many are spiritually blind when it comes to being considerate of others.  Do not allow their insensitivity to cause you to miss your opportunity with Jesus.  Keep yelling! Keep crying out! Receive your healing today!


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