Own Your Spiritual Truth

imageA while back I was listening to my Governor  give a response to President Obama ‘s State of the Union Address. She came down hard on the Democrats blaming them for the condition the Country is in with the economy, international crisis, etc. But she also challenged her own party to “own their truth“.  She said everything could not be blamed on the President and his party.  Her party has been major components to wrongs that are in need of correction too!

The Bible says that when you know the truth, “the truth will make you free”.  Since I was seeking some motivation to catapult me forward in 2016–God dropped a “Word”  in my spirit: “Own My Spiritual Truth”.  He said I don’t need to go back and clean up any messes or try to fix any mistakes but just simply make a fresh start.

It appears that we are in denial as to who we are in Christ Jesus! Many do not know their true identity in Him.  You are no longer slaves or commoners. You are royalty! The Bible has reiterated this in more ways than one.   His finished works on the cross has made everything from our healings, deliverances, prosperity, relationships, and  much more available to us.  We simply need to receive what has been given to us and live our lives accordingly.

So often, we don’t own our truth, because we don’t know our truth.  No, you can not undo your past. Yes, you can beging with your present. Because when you know the truth, it will make you free.


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