Endless Possibilities in 2015

image Great expectations for 2015, catapults you off to a good start. There is a story on FB that drives this point home for me: A soldier serving in the army is often being humiliated by his sargeant because he professes to serving a living God.

On this particular day the sargeant is fed up with the soldier’s ranting about his God; he decides to make a public spectacle of him before all the other troops. He orders the soldier to go park an old army jeep in front that is totally out of commission. The soldier reluctantly admits that he can’t drive.  The sargeant brazenly insist that he call on his God for help.

Following his commander’s order, he attempts to park the jeep in front. But first, he prays! Suddenly! Something miraculous occurs within him that empowers him with driving skills to park the jeep in the exact location the sargeant has ordered.  He walks back over and fall in line with his troops and they are all standing there crying.  They all profess simultaneously that they believe in GOD!  The jeep that the soldier was ordered to park did not have a motor in it!

…with man things are impossible; with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!  This is your year of possibilities!

source: Facebook .




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