Dying Empty

image   These words in the Bible are the writings of Apostle Paul: ” I am already been poured out as a drink offering and the time of my departure is at hand… ”  I am sure many have read this passage with good intentions of activating these words in their lives.

Consequently, it isn’t happening. Yet, I just recently observed it being demonstrated in the life and legacy of the late Dr. Miles Monroe. He was ready for death because he knew he had poured himself out and finished his course. He emptied himself completely. His dying is exemplary of an emptiness that represents a fullness of purpose that has been fulfilled by God.

Unlike many, the word “empty” is a true connotation of people who are doing nothing with their lives.  Many are just contributing to the wealth of the graveyard. Way too many gifts and talents that are given to them by God is being buried in the earth.  Now I know why Jesus was angry with the servant who hid his one talent. He did not attempt to do anything with what was given to him.

Dr. Miles Monroe admonishes us to refuse to allow the grave to rob us.  He wants us to pour ourselves out. He wants us to defy the odds and make a difference in our generation so that we to can die empty.

I am up for the challenge! I am planning to die empty! What about you!



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