Theres Power in your “I AM”

image        We know there is power in the “I Am, or otherwise God would not have told Moses to tell the people to call him that.  After all, there were so many other names they could have used.  There are at least a dozen Jehovah names, for ex: Nissi, Jireh, Shalom, and a host of many others. Regardless of what they called God they were dealing with the power of the “I Am,”  because anything that you can request of Him, He said “I Am That….

Now we see Jesus, who is getting reading to go to the cross demonstrates the power of his “I Am” in a more physical way. It appears that Jesus is seemingly having some second thoughts about the task that is set before Him and really don”t want to die on the cross.  Yet once He surrenders his will to The Father, He is able to proceed with the assignment.

Once Judas and the Roman army approaches Jesus and inform him of whom they are looking for, Jesus t
ells them.  He says, ” I Am He.”  When he made that statement they all fell to the ground!  I would say that Jesus being the Prince of Peace had to hold his Peace or they would have never been able to apprehend Him and there would have been no crucifixion! There is power in the “I  Am.”

There is even power in your  “I  Am,”  so be careful how you use those two words.



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