I Was Just THINKING About You.

Isn’t it amazing that someone as vast as God has us on His mind? Continuously that is!  So much so that He can’t seem to get us off His Mind.  He expresses His love for us in so many great ways.  Then I think about how he exudes His love in the subtle and small ways.

Just the other day I had spent a couple of hours engrossed in the word of God that was so captivating! I just love our time together! During that time several family members flashed through my mind.

I began thinking how it had been a while since I had visited with family other than my immediate ones. So I decided to set aside some time to pay them a visit. Mind you I was just thinking… and then my telephone rang. It was one of my aunts that I was planning to visit. Then I got another call from a cousin and two friends that I had not talked with lately.

After, I had concluded the visits, there was a peace that settled in my Spirit.   I then knew that I had been obedient to what God was instructing me to do.  Something subtle but yet really major in a sense.  I am sure my loved ones felt the love of the Father too; after all He was the one who sent me to them.  They called while I was just having thoughts and apparently they were having similar thoughts.

Sometimes, our focus is so great toward “reaching out” which is a good thing, that the subtleties of “reaching in” to our family and love ones elude us.

Just as God has us on his mind and is thinking about us… He wants us to share His love by thinking about others…especially our family and loved ones.


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