Someone asked- “How Do You View Jesus?”

Just recently, someone stuck a postcard in the front door of my home. It was an invitation to attend a commemoration of Jesus program entitled:  “How Do You View Jesus?” I knew immediately that I would not be attending the services.  However, the theme for the program is a thought worth entertaining.

First , I see Him as “the new-born baby” who came as the Messiah, the Savior of the world that was herald by Moses and the Prophets.  Some time later He made His accession into the world; born in a cave in Bethlehem. Protection of Him was required from the Rulers of that day who sought to kill Him.

 At the age of twelve, when it was discovered by His parents that He was missing from a caravan they were traveling in, He was later observed in the synagogue as “a teacher” to the hierarchy of that day.  When questioned by His parents, His response was: He was taking care of his Father’s business.

As time progressed and He stepped into His destiny for almost four years, He was viewed as “a dying man” on a Cross. When The grave could no longer constrain Him, once again, when questioned, He was still handling His Father’s business.

After, persevering through the sacrifice of much suffering and finishing the assignment set before Him, “The Christ is Risen!!. “ He has completed all of His Father’s business. He is now seated in Heaven in His rightful place beside the Father.  The mystery is revealed. Christ lives inside of Me and YOU by the Holy Spirit! And He is the Hope Of Glory! Now His everlasting viewing is:  He is our Lord and Savior! He is an Exalted King! Who is Lord of lords, The God of gods, and the King of all kings. And He shall Reign Forever!!!

That’s how I view Jesus.  What about you?

I value your emails and comments.


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