Tell me again-What Is Finished? (Cont’d)

Jesus “Finished Work” is a result of His sacrifice on the cross.  He became a sin offering and died a grueling death for all of our sins. God sent His Son to earth to pick up the tab for everything we will endure with the sacrificial offering of His shed blood on that cross.

So many are sabotaging their lives because they are allowing themselves to become burdened with sin and condemnation. There really should be no condemnation if you know Jesus as your Personal Savior.

It has taken me a while to realized that every mistake I have committed does not qualify as a sin.  I received the Plan of Salvation three times before finally, “I Got It”.  Trying to live a perfect life by your on efforts is a form of crucifixion within itself.

Jesus Christ was the only Perfect One in an earthen vessel. We receive Salvation through Him. He is our Healer, and we now live under the Law of Grace, and He calls us His Righteous Ones. All of this is a part of the Finished Work accomplished at the cross.

I would say that these are some really profound reasons to take our eyes off worldly possessions and focus them solely on Christ!  You Think? After all, when He concluded these works He said: It Is Finished! In other words, I am Done! Now I am expecting you to do even “Greater Works”.

I value your comments.


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