Tell me again-What Is Finished?

 In the book of (St. John 19:30 NIV), Jesus bowed his head on the cross and said: “…it is finished…”    Every provision that you and I will need in this life has been accomplished at Calvary. The Bible says it, I believe it, “that’s my story and I am sticking to it.”  However, I think it is crucial for us to reflect deeply on what is actually “finished”? I have my pre-conceived notions from parts of my Bible teachings all of my life as I am sure you may have too.  Yet, I feel led to revisit the scriptures again.

It is so amazing to me to seek an answer to one question and the Holy Spirit unravels the mystery of another.  I was actually researching another biblical truth when the Spirit nudged me in this direction.  After all, there will be many great teachings in the weeks to come.

As I began reviewing this subject, there are many things included in the “finished work” that Jesus died on the cross for.  Here are a few:

 1. The suffering of Christ was fulfilled as the Scriptures stated

 2. Satan got slammed! (Defeated)

 3. The barrier between the Jews and Gentiles is no longer a mystery.

 4. We now have access to God

 5. Sin has no power over us.

Because of Jesus Finished Work on the cross, we all can live a life of victory by His Grace. We no longer have to live by laws of the Old Covenant that could only render death anyway.  No one could keep the Law.  Jesus has already paid the price for our sin, sicknesses, guilt and shame. His soul was made an offering for all of our sins (Isa 53:10 KJV).  God’s plan to restore us to our original state and dominion that were rightfully ours before the fall of Adam is now accomplished. We are truly redeemed!

When you consider that our God would do this so that we may have life more abundantly-it is a beautiful and glorious thing. That is how much God loves us.

All of this is  possible through Jesus Christ Finished Work on the cross.  We have so much to thank God for. Thank You Lord!!


2 thoughts on “Tell me again-What Is Finished?

  1. A-Men God is so awsome. Love those nuggets of truth..I can see the finished works in my life and i praise God for them.I also enjoy Redeem My Soul every time i read it/ Thank you Shirley Wilson

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