A Little Oil and A Jar

The prophet Elisha in (2 king 4:2 NIV) asked the widow woman, “What do you have in your house?”  She only had “a little oil in a jar” which wasn’t much  from the widow woman’s point of view.  God can take a “little” and transform it into super-abundance “above all we can ask or think” (Eph.3:20 NIV).

In a vision, I saw that the “house” in this scripture represents the temple of the widow woman where the Holy Spirit dwells. The “oil”is symbolic of the anointing given by the Holy Spirit.  The “empty jars “ are  people void of the knowledge of this new move of power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ for His people. God is pouring out His Spirit in a glorious and magnificent way in the earth and too many people are not getting it! There are miracles, signs and wonders breaking out today that exceeds the manifestations of “the days of old.”

I can’t say that a “Red Sea” is being parted or “a coin” is being found in the mouth of a fish.  However, a lady did tell me that she recently received some unexpected money.  I do know that hearts are being healed and wounded souls are being redeemed.

Oftentimes, we don’t know our areas of gifting or have a prophet as the widow woman did to map out the use of our gifts for the Lord. We believe that we are constrained to a certain place for our gift to flourish when in essence, our gifts go with us. When you are a “born again believer,” you have at least two gifts operating inside of you. The first one is the “gift of salvation,” a gift that allows you to share Jesus Christ with others.  The second gift is the “anointing” which the Bible says we all have to empower us for service(1 John 2:20 NIV).

 As we continue to recover from what is still an “uncertain tanked economy,” many can find a business opportunity for themselves with what they already have in their house.

What is it that God has anointed you to do? Maybe you need to pour your anointing into someone else or something else. The dynamics can work for you if you just remember “one key thing.”  As long as you continue to “pour the oil”(the anointing )into “jars” (people) your house will flourish.  When you stop or is over taken with too many distractions the flow will cease. 

I wish I had known this sooner. On another take, this is a good time as any.  Start with what you have, “a little oil and a jar”  and let God’s blessings overtake you.

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5 thoughts on “A Little Oil and A Jar

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  2. Norma, very nice analogy of the materials: oil and jars, and symbolism of the true house and work of the ministry. Very strong teaching! God bless.

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