Look Up or Get Low

 HAPPY NEW YEAR  EVERYBODY!!!   What a joy to wake up to another year that the Lord has blessed us to step into!!  Rejoice~~Rejoice~~ and be glad!  I did not make a lot of resolutions-I will just be focusing on three main goals as I have been instructed to do by my headship.  To jumpstart my blog for this year, I want to share a passage of scripture from (Ps. 24 NIV).  Lift up your head o ye gates and the king of glory will come in. Lift up your head ye ancient doors…  

First of all, the King is Jesus Christ and the Glory is His presence. The gates and the ancient doors are relevant to the Ark of the Covenant during King David’s reign and are synonymous to entry ways into heaven and an embodiment of who we are (gates and doors).  “Lift up your heads” can refer to heads of men or anything that is at the top or in the forefront of.  You are that opening where the presence of the Lord may enter. When you lift your head, it presents an opportunity for you to lift your eyes as well up to the Lord from where all of your help comes from. There are other variations of this scripture in the New Testament. Let’s take a look.

Some say that the “eyes are the windows of the soul.”  Well, (Luke 11:34 NIV) “Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are good, your whole body also is full of light”.   Jesus is that Light  the King of Glory.  When you lift up your head and your eyes to heaven, the glory of the Lord can enter in.  Consequently, there are a few conditions such as: pure hands, clean hearts, and no worship to false gods or idols (Psalm 24 NIV).

 In the New Testament Jesus is on the scene and He goes about healing and performing all sorts of miracles, signs and wonders.  One of the things He often did before attempting a task was to consult with the Father-His Father (God).  He said:  “He only does what the Father tells Him to do.  He goes where the Father tells Him to go, and He says what the Father tells Him to say.” 

When His good friend Lazarus died and everybody were in a tizzy, Jesus consulted with His Father.  Lazarus was very ill when Mary and Martha sent word for Jesus to come.  He did come-but He did not come right then. He came on His own time.  He knew that Lazarus‘s death was to honor God and give Him glory so that He the Son of God is glorified through it.  Friends of the family and the naysayers alike were just waiting around to see what’s this man Jesus is going to do now?  They had seen him heal the blind but He is about to blow them away by what is going to happen next!  So Jesus did what he does on many occasions.  He lifted His eyes up toward heaven and called on His Father.   He thanked His Father (notice He did not beg or plead) for hearing Him as He always listens to Him.  Then Jesus spoke with a loud voice saying: Lazarus come forth!!

There were other times when Jesus lifted His eyes toward heaven and God always answered His prayer requests.  He was always seeking to do the will of His Father.  He looked up to heaven when He fed the five thousands and then four thousands with just a couple of fishes and a few loaves of bread.  He looked up when He healed the deaf and dumb man and said “Ephphatha-be opened” (Mk 7:34 NIV).  Looking up and getting low were of great significance back then (as the woman and “the man” (added by me) were caught in adultery and Jesus kneeled down. “The woman with the issue of blood” had to get low to touch the hem of Jesus garment. However, to trump it all is to whom you are looking to.  How much more should we look unto the hills, to heaven, get low for that matter for all of our help; The Very Present Helper in our times of trouble. God was His spiritual resource. 

 He will be your Spiritual Resource too when you look to Him.

Share your comments with me or email me. Blessings!!!


4 thoughts on “Look Up or Get Low

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