To Know Him More Pt. 2

It is a jarring experience to discern the representation of  Jesus Christ, the second person in the Godhead with so many names and titles.  I vowed that my sole purpose is to know Him more rather than just knowing of Him.  As you gain more insight about Jesus Christ, the more you will find yourself in Him

He leverages the endorsement of all heaven.  He pleases the Father so much that He is given the fullness of His divinity.  ALL creation is made by Him, through Him, to Him and for Him.  The Holy Spirit reveals Him and constantly download mysteries and revelation knowledge of Him to us. The angelic hosts hearken to His words and go forth to perform them for Him , then we are joint heirs with Him (Psalms 103:20 Amp.).  Wow~ how profound is that!

Consequently, all that the Father has given to Jesus, you are entitled to it also.  It is mind-boggling when you attempt to comprehend the vastness of Christ in you the Hope of Glory (Col. 1:27 NIV). The revelation of this knowledge is so great that God kept it hidden in Himself down through the ages and  generations~ for more than two-thousand years. Christ dwells in you richly (Col. 3:16 NIV).  And still the good news is to thank God that you now can seek after Him to know the height, width, depth and length of all that He is (Eph 3:18). You can partake of any part of Him that you can believe in Him for.

The Psalmist  places a command to simply “lift up your heads” so that the “King of Glory” who is Jesus Christ can come in. He acknowledge us as “gates and ancient doors”(Psa. 24:7-10 NIV) by which Christ may enter.  He is mighty and strong and He even fight our battles.

When grasped, there is such a beauty and a power that will awaken in you to prevent you from looking in the galaxies for Him but to look within your inner man. To rightfully get your head around this is large!

If you can humbly plant the Word of God in your heart, He will show up in you. He will renew your spirit and save your soul (James 1:21 NIV). Embrace the  Word of God, learn more about His Son. Be led by the Holy Spirit.

Write a comment or email me.  Share your revelations with me. Blessings!!


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