What DO you DO in the Glory?

We recently talked about spiritual blessings that are a part of our inheritance given to us by our God the Father. Namely, the name Jesus, His redemptive blood, and His dynamis power (Greek language: dü’-nä-mēs) are just a few.  Now let’s delve into His Glory.

Let’s begin by defining a couple of terms to make sure they are relevant to our subject. One of the Hebrew terms for Glory is hadar (hä·där’) which means: glory, honor, majesty, excellency…. A Greek term for Glory is doxa (do’-ksä): and has to do with the kingly majesty of the Messiah, a most glorious condition, honor and splendor…. There are other connotations that unmask God’s presence and the weightiness of his Glory as well. When we are in His presence and His weight falls upon us (that most glorious condition) anything can happen!  Therefore, that’s the time to TAKE ACTION!! 

There was a time when rheumatoid arthritis almost disabled me on the right side of my body, and left me partially maimed and hanging on to my sanity by just a nap in my mind (soulish realm).  I reached out for the fervent prayers of others. I began exercising the spiritual blessings that were mine to wield healings for me.  Today, I can honestly say my healings manifested; and the cool thing is that Jesus imparts the Glory to the saints. In (the Gospel of John 17:22-24 NKJV), we see Jesus praying to the Father that He may release His Glory upon those given to Him by the Father.  The request made by Jesus in John 17 solidifies (2C0r. 3:18 NKJV) that says we are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord. 

So what do you do in the Glory? First and far most–REPENT. Make holiness and righteousness a part of your DNA.  Worship the Lord…He loves a worshiper.  Revere Him. Fill His nostrils with the fragrance of your spikenard oil. Whisper sweet somethings in His ear! DECREE and DECLARE those things that you believe God for. Thank Him for all things.  Make your petitions, supplications and requests known to Him. Cuddle in His arms! Nestle your head upon His shoulder! Embrace Him! Love on Him! I am just saying…engage intimately with the Lord in the Power of His Presence. That’s what I do.  What about you?

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One thought on “What DO you DO in the Glory?

  1. In ministring the Glory realm I’ve seen mulitple healings and deliverances occur at once, a level of judgement come in the church against the spirits that hold the other captive. Directional words on what to do next. The Glory is unchartered realms for a lot of us, but as you have told us Pastor we must enter in.

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