my soul says…

When speaking of the soulish realm which consist of your mind, will, and emotions, HAVE YOU CONSIDERED the many things that are going on within you simultaneously. They may sound like voices actively engaging in conversations in your brain, your mind, your heart all while you are carrying on your daily activities. Sometimes the actions are so fierce you think you are losing your mind. But you don’t because you remind yourself that you have “the Mind of Christ” 1Cor. 2:16 Amp.

Finally, after much deliberation and relinquishing the fear of being called crazy, you just finally admit that sometimes you do hear beautiful worship music deep on the inside while at the same time you are preparing a mean “get in your face” remark for some one that you are fed up with. I know that doesn’t sound very Christ like but it is a reality! Don’t worry, you are still saved. It’s  just that your intentions are noble but another side of you wants to do the polar opposite. The other side is saying it is payback time. Payback is a terrible thing!! Whoa!! Who’s calling the shots here? Is it the Spirit, the Body, or the Soul?
In order to redeem your soul, you have got to be willing to ask yourself the tough questions. Am I hearing from God? Is my soul saying “let’s do this!!” And you may need too “do it”!
You just want to make sure you are hearing from the right source. Right!!
Let’s talk about it. Post your comments below.


2 thoughts on “my soul says…

  1. Voices can be devastating and cause us to miss hearing Christ’s voice because our spirits are too cluttered and too full our own answers instead of emptying ourselves so He can fill us.

    I agree, my sister, we must silence our madness to make room for His Peace. With Peace comes the ability to “HEAR” Him. Then our direction is clear because His voice isn’t mixed with our inner madness, and we can make, or shall I say TAKE the next step towards all that He is and receive all that He offers. . . Christ consciousness . . . HIS Mind.

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