What is Man? (Woman?)

Wow! That’s a loaded question! Actually, there are some specific answers to that question, but like most people, some of you will choose to explore various  avenues before composing your answer.

That’s fine, but before you chart your course of adventure let me just give you a very short answer to direct you to where I am going with this.

Let’s just say that man is a 3 part being that consist of a Spirit, Body, and Soul. With that being said, my focus in the coming weeks will be relevant to the Soul.  We know that our Spirit is the part that connect us directly to God.  According to Gen… We are all made in God ‘s (Spirit) image.

When we ask Jesus to come into our lives and we receive him as Lord and Savior, we are saved.  At least our Spirit is saved.  We also know that God intended for us to prosper and be in good health even as our Souls prosper. 3 John 1:2. That means saving our Souls have been an ongoing process since that day forward. Because of the dilemma our soulish-realm presents-many  are being hindered and oftentimes sabotage the many blessings and breakthroughs  that God has purposed for us.

With that being said, we will be focusing on how to Redeem your Soul. Yes! there is a way!  We will talk more about it next time, until then, post your comments and questions below:


2 thoughts on “What is Man? (Woman?)

  1. Thanks for the great start, Norma.

    I love the word ‘redemption.’ It evokes memories of redeeming trading stamps. I recall how amazed I was when my grandmother would save up all her stamps for months and months and finally take them to redeem them for something wonderful. It wasn’t something old and crummy; it was always something new.

    WE are wonderful and new after redemption. My spirit has been redeemed by the Spirit of God–it is new and wonderful.

    I look forward to future posts.

  2. Looking great, Norma! I wrote a really brilliant comment to your post yesterday and for some reason it didn’t display. That means that the thought is over and done! HAHA!!

    I look forward to reading your posts, Norma. You are such a blessing.

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