My Life Is A Repeat of His Life

His -Story is my story too!  Who’s story?  The story of Jesus Christ, of course! How can I boast that his life is even remotely close to mine?  Did I die on an “Old Rugged Cross?” Was I beaten all night long? Did people spat on me? (more than you know). Did I go into the earth and defeat satan? Was I resurrected on the third day? Am I seated at the right hand with my Father? Must I say anymore?

There are several answers to all of those questions: YES! YES! YES! YES! AND AMEN!  Yes, I am boasting about who I am in Christ Jesus!  Everything He did was all for me and you too if you are willing to accept it. Since I was predestined and God foreknew me in an incarnate form, I was present with Jesus through it all.  Those were not His sins that He died for.  They were mine and your sins.  He became a cursed so that I would never be cursed again. It is because of Jesus Christ cross experience and resurrection…that “I Am Forgiven!” Because he is alive, I Live! I live! I live!

I have to know this! I must live this! I must become this!  Ultimately, I  AM This!  Glory be to God in the Highest!!   Amen!!

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It’s a Thin Line Between Love and Fear

It was in the early “70’s” when a R and B song with the lyrics,” It’s A Thin Line between Love and Hate” soared on the record charts.   A movie with the same title ensued some years later.   The storyline was that of a young woman and her abusive lover. She loved him but she hated the destruction he planted in her life. She plotted to kill him in the movie.

Still in the genesis of my spiritual journey, I thought those lyrics were actual scriptural text and there is some implied truth in them. Remember Jacob and Esau?  As I matured in my spiritual walk I began to learn how to study the Bible for myself. I became less prone to believe everything I hear and began searching out the matter to discover the truth.  I began to learn the difference between a popular cliché’ and what the Bible actually says.

Like most things in life there are polar opposites: day-night, light-dark, good-bad, God-mammon (not the devil), and love-fear (not hate).  Okay, I guess I should explain the God-mammon phenomenon huh!.

There are plenty scriptures that contrast Satan and his demonic forces in the same context as God but not as a comparison to God.  Mammon is literally compared to God. It is defined as: other treasures and riches which we often equate to money, but other treasures and riches can mean many things.  Consequently, mammon and money are similar in that they are idolized as gods. The  Scriptures says: “Thou shall have no other gods before me” (Ex: 20:3 NKJV).  Jesus did away with all the laws and the legalism and He did not mince words when he said we are to ” love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul”… and we are to love our neighbors just as we love ourselves (Mark 12:30-31).  Now the scriptures do refer to mammon in this way: “No one can serve two masters“…”You cannot serve God and mammon” (Matt. 6:24 KJV).  God is Master of all while mammon is a master of that which you idolize.

Now let’s move on to love and fear. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”  (2 Tim. 1:7).  When exercising the keys of binding and loosing in the kingdom of God, we bind the spirit of fear that holds a person in bondage. Then we loose the fruit of love into that person’s life. The end-result is: they get set free.  Meanwhile, hatred is a real and strong emotion and is compared to love in some instants. But it is a by-product of the spirit of jealousy. Love and Fear are two equally powerful emotions. Without careful supervision they run rampant in your lives. Fear can have a paralyzing effect upon you as Love is lucid and evokes freedom.

In another sense, fear is a pre-requisite to acquire wisdom (Prov. 9:10 KJV). We are taught to fear the Lord and revere Him. Love on the other hand cover a multitude of sins (1Pet. 4:8)and perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18).

So, somewhat like the song and the movie… maybe it is a thin line between Love and Hate.  But all the more powerful is LOVE  and FEAR, it depends on how you use them.

“A 100 Lbs. of Clay”-Aye!!

Now, I know why some of us women have such an obsession about our weight. I came across the lyrics of a song that insinuated it took only “a 100 lbs of clay” for God to create a woman.  A statement like that catapulted me into defense mode really I had to “get a grip”! Consequently, I was able to see the intended revelation and at the same time, gain the motivation to drop a few lbs.  Continue reading

“A Father’s Love”

To know that you are the “apple of your father’s eye”  should instill an exuberant amount of confidence in one’s self.  You will  imagealways have a place of refuge. You know that you are the love of your father. Think about it. You don’t have to compete with your siblings who are smarter, swagger, prettier, more handsome, more … (WHATEVER!). You walk with a sparkle in your eye and an extra pep in your step because you know that you are the center of your father’s focus and you are precious in his sight. That perhaps sounds like a status that is too “over the top” even for those of you who have actually “got it like that.”  Yet, when you consider that I am talking about our Heavenly FatherWe All Have It Like That!  We all are “the apple of our Father’s eye,” (Zec. 2:8 NLT) and that’s an awesome place! That’s the “LOVE” of “The Father!” Continue reading

Go Ahead! Accept Change!

imageIt is always easier said than done when it comes to CHANGE. Yet, for the most part, Change is inevitable in most cases.  It is going to happen whether you like it or not. Consequently,  you will not remain an infant forever-you grow up. If your hair is still dark-keep living. So why do we enter into change screaming, kicking and bawling all the way? It is easy to become comfortable in an environment that we are familiar with and begin to feel that there are no alternatives. Closing one door while preparing to open another is a huge adjustment. Considering the cost of making a change is even more devastating. We want all the Hows, the What’s, the When’s and Whys answered before we take that leap into the vast unknown.  Once the change has been made, it usually is not nearly as bad as we anticipated once we see the opportunity awaiting us on the other side.  You may even notice that the unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach has now dissipated. After all, change must first begin within.

So go ahead and take the plunge! It’s a hard thing to do sometimes. It even saddens you because you are not quite certain as to what lies ahead. It can be very frightening! Yet, change is a very necessary part of becoming who God has called you to be. So let us be receptive.  Let us welcome change!

Jesus Christ was Cool With People

Jesus was a very approachable person.  He had many different types of relationships.  He had 12 disciples whom He spent most of his time with. Peter, James, and John were in his inner circle. There were the seventy and then there was another class…  He had a relationship with those who were for him and not against Him image

Christ had compassion and love for the oppressed, broken-hearted and dejected ones..  He was friends with sinners. Those who were deaf, blind, dumb, lame, diseased and broke elicited his attention  and received his affection. The prostitute, the tax collector and all whom society marginalized became the ministry of Christ.  In fact, Jesus mantra was : “those who are well don’t need a doctor;  I came to heal all that are sick, regardless of their condition or position.

In Matthew 11:19 , it states that…”the son of man came eating and drinking.”  He was called a glutton, a winebibbler, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.  “But Wisdom is justified by her actions.  In other words, what he did, spoke for itself and it yielded results.  People were better because they had been with Jesus.

Jesus had rich friends too.  Remember Nicodemus who came by night to see  Jesus?  It was he and his rich friend Joseph Arithmaes who made Jesus funeral arrangements.  Remember the friend who sent a brand new donkey that had never been ridden upon to Jesus by his disciples.  Basically, he was cool with all types of people.  How can this be! When you are confident in who you are in Christ , you will refuse to be intimidated by people.

I thank God for Christ in me is my hope of Glory, ( Colossian 1:27). As Christ lives in me and is manifested through me, I too can be all things to all people in the sense that Jesus Christ was to all humanity.

An Audience of One


English: Radio personality Angela Yee

English: Radio personality Angela Yee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever  left church or some other spiritual function feeling like your expressions of worship may have been a little over the top?  You even felt like it was one of those times when naysayers mumble, “It doesn’t take all that!”  It was during praise and worship service a couple of Sundays ago that I broke all  barriers of inhibition. I love the Lord and to worship Him publicly is far from being an isolated incident for me.  So what was different?

When I was a Mass Com student in college there were many skill sets to learn. One such skill was how to engage your audience; especially if you were a radio personality, (DJ).  When speaking over the airways we were taught to address an audience of one.  It was a connect factor that was alluring to your audience. This later became a skill that I learn to use in many facets of communication. Definitely that Sunday during the praise and worship service.

Now that I reflect back,  I did everything except  undress and dance naked before God. You know there was no shame in David nor Isaiah game. They didn’t mind getting naked before the Lord.  It was as though God was the only person in the audience and my very own personal cheerleader…and oh how I wanted to please The Father.  That’s really how it should be everytime you enter the presence of the Lord. After all, you are the CHURCH!  Everything that it takes to usher in the presence of God  should be in you.  You don’t have to wait on others.  If they have any fire at all…they will catch on!   If they too are already lit… Oh what a time you will have with the Lord.  It is during that time in the presence and the glory of the Lord when circumstances begin to change in our lives once we make our requests and petitions known to him. Just like Daniel, it may take a few weeks and sometimes longer before you see the results but rest assured that the answer to your prayers are on the way. That’s what I am beginning to see happening in my life.

Whether you are in a public or private environment-think of God as an audeince of One. He will respond as though you are His audience of one… the Only one.